Anti-decubitus mattress / for hospital beds / foam Phoenix Alma Medical Systems

Anti-decubitus mattress / for hospital beds / foam Phoenix Alma Medical Systems

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Phoenix Mattress The Phoenix mattress was created specifically to help patients who possess a high to very high danger of getting pressure ulcers. This well made mattress has the highest possible level of care support that is currently available from static mattresses but yet does not compromise upon comfort in order to achieve this. Top design technology The blending together of heat-sensitive visco-elastic foam with high quality base foam makes sure that Phoenix mattresses provide top class pressure re-distribution properties because they conform to the user’s body contours. The Phoenix mattress possesses a robust polyurethane base that was made to be used on every variety of bed frame. This tough base ensures that patients are both comfortable and stable and guards against ‘bottoming out’ and unnecessary movement. Infection control The contemporary foam technology and robust modern cover make sure that these mattresses last for a long time, which is absolutely essential for high-frequency items like Phoenix mattresses. They are capable of enduring a lot and their multi-stretch vapour permeable covers include anti-fungal agents, which cut down shear and friction forces, aiding infection control. The Phoenix mattresses’ welded covers prevent fluid ingress and can be laundered at up to 80 degrees ensuring excellent decontamination.
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