Anesthesia ventilator / resuscitation / veterinary MICROVENT 1 Hallowell EMC

Anesthesia ventilator / resuscitation / veterinary MICROVENT 1 Hallowell EMC

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A ventilator capable of providing ventilatory support for the smallest animals you are capable of ventilating. If you don't think you can intubate mice, just look into our recently released Rodent WorkStand and Intubation Packs. The WorkStand holds the animal in a stable, position that is comfortable for your technician. The intubation packs, a Rat Pack and a Mouse Pack, hold everything you need to directly visualize and quickly intubate with a minimum amount of trauma. A short instructional video is also provided along with numerous still photos for clarification of the procedure. The MicroVent 1 is a dual mode ventilator. It will operate to deliver standard intermittent positive pressure ventilation (IPPV) or it will operate to deliver high frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV). The entire breathing system has a volume of less than 1cc. There are just four parameters to control, Oxygen flow, Frequency (breaths per minute), Amplitude (tidal volume) and Mean Airway Pressure (Mean Paw). In operation a small flow of fresh gas, in the range of 50-100ml/min, is set. This gas can be oxygen as provided by the built-in flow meter or any mixture of gases you provide from an external source. This gas may flow through an anesthetic vaporizer if you desire using gas anesthetics, then on to the breathing system where it passes the patient connection, flows through an open needle valve and on to your scavenging system as required. The animal may breathe spontaneously from this stream of gas as it passes the patient connection at all times. The needle valve is used to adjust Mean Paw as seen on the pressure manometer.
  • Application:anesthesia, resuscitation