Analysis software / medical LF8 Ganshorn Medizin Electronic

Analysis software / medical LF8 Ganshorn Medizin Electronic

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The GANSHORN software LF8 makes measurements for the user as simple as possible. Large format displays on the screen allow for quick and correct evaluation of the measurement and the breathing manoeuvres at the first glance. Application modules for data administration, pre/post tests (brochospasmolysis), displaying of trends and provocation administration are the standard. The high flexibility of LF8 allows the individual customisation of the graphical user interface, output of measurement results and configuration of the system as a whole to suit your workflow and satisfaction! Included for Ergospirometry: the software assistant ErgoCheck. It accomplishes a plausibility check of the measurement at the push of a button – as the patient’s exhaustion is a substantial factor for the evaluation and comparability of measurements. It also offers, for the first time, the possibility of determining the ventilatory threshold’s range by a combination of different threshold models.
  • Application domain:medical
  • Function:analysis
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