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Analysis software / medical / EMG Neuro-MEP Mitsar Co Ltd

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Neuro-MEP Features Electroneuromyography registration and analysis of M-wave characteristics and sensory action potential evaluation of motor/sensory conduction velocity F-wave, H-reflex (also including paired stimulation) parameters study magnetic stimulation of spinal roots and peripheral nerves with the further classic analysis of motor response** blink reflex, sacral reflex, bulbocavernous reflex, T-reflex*, galvanic skin responses motor and sensory inching Neuromuscular Junction Study analysis of M-wave decrement during repetitive stimulation of motor nerve tetanization and posttetanic phenomena study user-defined stimulation algorithm creation Motor Unit Potentials (MUP) registration and analysis of spontaneous activity phenomena detection of MUP in automatic and manual modes automatic analysis of MUP parameters, determination of denervation-reinnervation process stage Motor Unit Number Estimation (MUNE) registration and semiautomatic analysis with evaluation of motor unit quantity by incremental technique
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