Analysis software / diagnostic / reporting / cardiology ECG MediMatic

Analysis software / diagnostic / reporting / cardiology ECG MediMatic

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MediMatic offers a vendor neutral ECG workflow solution for your cardiology department, providing a fully automated digital workflow. Through a bi-directional integration with the HIS/EMR system, ComPACS facilitates worklist distribution, archiving, review, analysis and reporting, enabling ECG reports to be automatically available in the hospitals electronic patient record. Integration with the Hospital Order Entry system will provide Modality Worklist distribution to the electrocardiograph, allowing the operator to easily set up and start the case. The ECG curve, typically 12 leads and 10 seconds in length for a resting ECG, is easily captured during the procedure by the click on a button and securely stored to the ComPACS archive. Various parameters measured automatically by the electrocardiograph, are also stored as alphanumeric data as part of the ECG file, and will automatically populate the ECG report. The carts automatically generated interpretation will also be stored as part of the ECG file, and populate the ECG report. After the procedure, the physician can review, analyze and report the ECG, all in ComPACS. There are several ECG post-processing tools available in ComPACS, such as: choosing between 6+6, 6+3 or Cabrera display formats, display either Original or Derived sequences, and also modify the sweep speed of presentation between 50 mm/sec and 25 mm/sec.
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