Analog mobile radiographic unit Speedy CAT Medical

Analog mobile radiographic unit Speedy CAT Medical

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Speedy is a mobile x-ray unit that satisfies any specific need of each exam to be executed on patients in bed, in first aid, in orthopaedics room, in infant rooms or in operating rooms. It is available with monoblocks having 3kW, 6 kW or 30 kW power. The X-ray beam can be directed towards any direction thanks to the wide front and lateral rotation of the group generator/tube. Speedy is characterized by very simple mechanics, lightness and excellent handling to be used easily. It the basic version, Speedy is supplied with LCD display control panel for the setting of x-ray parameters and alarm signals, 2 points working technique (kV and mAs) and 40 APR. Speedy Plus Mobile Unit with rotating arm Speedy Plus is characterized by an innovative and catching design and also by an advanced technology that allows the operator to make first aid exams even more comfortably. The arm with generator-tube can be rotated at 180° (± 90°) without compromising the stability of the system and the patient security by the means of a sophisticated anti-tilting device.
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