Analog mobile radiographic unit Rafale DMS / Apelem

Analog mobile radiographic unit Rafale DMS / Apelem

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The Rafale is a mobile unit designed to be used in the smallest departments (bed confined patients) and to be moved in narrow corridors or compact elevator spaces. In addition to routine graphy exams, the Rafale is perfectly suited for pediatric exams. In order to increase flexibility, the Rafale can be used with a potter and/or a vertical wall potter. * High frequency generator 100 KHZ - 30 Kw. High mA output: 425 mA * Capacitors discharge technology (15 and 30 kW) or battery operated (20 and 30kW) * Wide range of Anatomical Programs (APR) * X-ray tube with double focus rotating anode * Digital display * Rotating arm * Available with capacitors technology and batteries (motor driven)
393, rue Charles Lindbergh,
34130 Mauguio
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