Analog mammography unit Venus Allengers Medical Systems

Analog mammography unit Venus Allengers Medical Systems

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Conventional Mammography Special Features: Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) Auto selection of radiographic factors as per patients anatomy Saves Time Eliminates retakes As an AEC monitors the X-Rays transmitted through the breast, it increases the diagnostic capability Lowers dose Full featured automatic exposure control with 5 step density control and 5 different film screen combinations. A solid state detector ensures the accuracy and exposure consistency. Anatomical Programme (APR) For quick and fine selection of radiographic parameters for optimum image quality 3 step anatomical programming for different breast sizes (small, medium and large) Stereotactic Biopsy Compatible Fully compatible with digital stereotactic biopsy device to perform FNA, FNL and Core biopsies Special emphasis has been laid for patient comfort during biopsy procedures.
  • Mammography unit type:analog
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