Ambulatory polysomnograph / with EEG Nox T3 Nox Medical

Ambulatory polysomnograph / with EEG Nox T3 Nox Medical
Nox T3

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Decades of clinical engineering experience inspired the design of the new generation of sleep monitors. The Nox-T3 Portable Sleep Monitor is a compact and convenient sleep tracking device made for adult and pediatric patients. It features a wireless Bluetooth®pulse oximeter, miniaturized technology 88gram / 79x63x21mm (with battery), thorax and abdomen Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography (RIP) effort and flow, RIP phase for paradoxical breathing, integrated snore microphone with true audio signal, and gold standard PSG signals. The Nox-T3 also checks waveforms real-time. It has no accessible connectors and has a child safety battery enclosure. The easy-to-use Nox-T3 is also suitable for use in pediatric, dental and ENT fields. It provides analyses and reports through its software. Other functions and features include redundant flow signal through RIP effort, nasal cannula and CPAP check, and SpO2, Pulse, Snore, Body Position wireless signals. The device uses off-the-shelf disposable or rechargeable AA batteries.
  • Other characteristics:with EEG, ambulatory

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