Tonometer (ophthalmic examination) / air tonometry CT-1 / 1P Topcon Europe Medical

Tonometer (ophthalmic examination) / air tonometry CT-1 / 1P Topcon Europe Medical
CT-1 / 1P

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The CT-1 / 1P, non-contact Tonometer is more stylish and compact than ever before. The flexible control panel enables the CT-1 / 1P to be installed in many different positions in the examination room. The CT-1/1P provides an innovative operation experience and eliminates the need of a control lever. CT-1 / 1P Fully automated with touch screen The CT-1 / 1P is fully operated through a 8.5" wide touch screen. Simply touch the centre of the pupil on the LCD screen to start measuring both eyes. The device automatically obtains tonometry and pachymetry data of the right and left eye. Flexible & Space saving lay-out The adjustable touch screen control panel enables the operator to be positioned anywhere around the patient because the control panel can be faced in a number of different directions. The CT-1 / 1P can be positioned in a conventional set-up, against a wall, or even in a corner of the room. The compact body enables the operator to support the patient easily from many different positions during measurement even when the patient's eye lid needs to be opened. These unique aspects will contribute to space saving and flexible lay-out in your examination room. Soft Air puff The soft air puff used for measurement leads to less stress and more comfort for a patient and better compliance during the measurement procedure. The improved software controls the amount of air required for each individual eye.
  • Type of instrument:tonometer
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