Raman spectrometer NRS-5000 Jasco

Raman spectrometer NRS-5000 Jasco

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This system meets all of the requirements of a quality, micro-Raman spectrometer. The NRS-5000 series is automated thus requiring very few adjustments. It further ensures proper, concise and timely collection of data. Its fresh and new design alleviates the need for daily adjustments. The entire NRS-5000 unit rests on a sturdy and stable base plate. Other features of this system include multiple lasers, a microscope and optics that can be alternated utilizing automated software. An innovative aberration-corrected polychromator includes a CCD detector making this system streamline enough to sit comfortably on a laboratory bench. Working in combination with user-friendly software, and without the need to make repeated adjustments, this system is a time saving option. To use it, begin with a sample, focus and then gather the spectrum. With complete computer control, this system will ensure the safety of your staff.
  • Spectrometer type:Raman
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