Massage armchair 45490 FYSIOMED NV-SA

Massage armchair 45490 FYSIOMED NV-SA

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Massage on demand at any moment. A very affordable luxury with the wellness massage chair. Regular relaxation makes us daydreaming and fantasies, but also improves our capability to absorb information and our memory. Different massage techniques, as well as air pression in thigh position and in calf and foot sections can be chosen. Heating function in the backrest and footrest. Choice of program: full automatic or manual, by remote control with LCD screen. Features massage techniques: knead and stretch, shiatsu, roller massage, crossed knead, sway special airbags for thigh, calfs, ankles and feet - choice of pression integral massage or partial massage: neck, shoulders, back and waist extensible foot section adjustable back section until lying position treatment time: up to 30 minutes intensity of massage: adjustable activation of heat: on demand all functions are chosen and displayed on the remote LCD control 2 wheels in the back for moving 230V~ 50/60Hz - 180 Watt dimensions: 146 x 85x 77cm weight: 85 kg
Doornstraat 87-89,
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