ICP-OES spectrometer / high resolution PS3500DDII series Hitachi High-Technologies

ICP-OES spectrometer / high resolution PS3500DDII series Hitachi High-Technologies
PS3500DDII series

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An ICP-optical emission spectrometer that achieved the world?s highest-level optical resolution together with improved measurement accuracy and stability over a wide wavelength range. Features 1. High Resolution Measurement With a presice processed spectro-optical element, an optimized optical system and a developped direct drive scanning technology, the wavelength resolution (half-value width) can be improved from 0.0045 nm (former model) to the world highest standard of 0.003 nm (scanning resolution is 0.00065 nm). 2. Accuracy & Repeatability With an improved sample introduction system, the stablility of the atomizing sample introduction increases, the CV of repeatability becomes less than 0.4% for an 1hour longterm measurement and the reliability of measurement results improves. 3. Hyper Direct Drive System The hyper direct drive improves the rotation speed of the diffraction grating 10 times that of conventional systems. It is able to drive the full spectrum area within one second. Measurement time reduced and sample consumption is minimized. High precision measurements are possible by the excellent positioning precision of the direct drive motor and intelligent control sequence.
  • Spectrometer type:ICP-OES
1-24-14 Nishi-Shimbashi,
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