Home use humidifier 550 ml/h | LB 88 white Beurer

Home use humidifier 550 ml/h | LB 88 white Beurer
550 ml/h | LB 88 white

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LB 88 White is for rooms up to 48 m². Humidification output up to 550 ml/h. Important Functions Ultrasonic Nebulizers: Ultrasonic nebulizers infinitely variable, air vaporizer can be connected in 3 steps. Water Filter: Water filter optionally available for hard water. Removable Liter Water: Removable 6 liter water tank. Visible Water Level: Visible water level in tank. Automatic Switch Tank: Automatic switch off if tank is empty with display function. Control: Includes illuminated control ring. Aromapads: Includes 15 aromapads for using aroma. Anti Calc Pads: Includes 15 anti calc pads protects against a too quickly calcification.
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