Hand-held alert system / cardiac Non-Looping CardioNet

Hand-held alert system / cardiac Non-Looping CardioNet

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Non-Looping Chest Plate The Non-Looping Chest Plate is capable of real time recordings for patients with symptoms lasting greater than 30-45 seconds. The monitor can be used without attaching potentially irritating electrodes and leads to the patient. When needed, the monitor is held directly to the patient's chest to make recordings. The Non-Looping Chest Plate cardiac event monitor is ideal for patients who experience transient symptoms suggestive of a cardiac arrhythmia, including shortness of breath, dizziness and palpitations. At the onset of symptoms, the patient holds the Non-Looping Chest Plate recorder against his or her chest and presses the record button. The device records and stores up to 32 seconds of real-time ECG in solid-state memory. It can store up to four such events before it is necessary to transmit the information.
  • Type:hand-held
  • Application:cardiac
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