Gas chromatography system GC-2014 Shimadzu

Gas chromatography system GC-2014 Shimadzu

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The Versatile standard Capillary and Packed Gas Chromatograph lifts medical performance up a notch. The GC-2014 Series boasts the advanced flow controller (AFC) technology from the GC-17A Series and GC-2010 Series. One can have the high performance of the GC-2010 for routine work. Based on the successful design of the GC-2010, the GC-2014 gives best results for routine analysis for a good price-performance ratio. Whether you work with packed or capillary columns, the GC-2014 provides excellent performance. The product features simple operation, expandability on supporting all types of analysis, a full line of Injection Units and Compact and High-Sensitivity Detectors.
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