Dual-head stethoscope / cardiology / stainless steel Tytan403 Tytan Medical

Dual-head stethoscope / cardiology / stainless steel Tytan403 Tytan Medical

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Tytan 403 Triplex Cardiology III stethoscope * Designed to accentuate it’s high useful in the detection of a wide range of heart sound (murmurs and ejection sounds that are medically significant). * Comes with an interchangeable pediatric diaphragm disc for Pediatric patient and a bell to provide excellent response for low-frequency sounds. * The chestpiece come with Patented Tytan Two-Tone diaphragm ring lets you monitoring both high and low frequency at the same time without turn over the chestpiece. Features 1. Chestpiece: Made by high-density surgical stainless steel with precisely machined to exacting tolerance for outstanding performance. 2. Come with an interchangeable pediatric diaphragm disc and bell for wide range sound detecting. 3. Two-Tone diaphragm ring: Unique patented design two-tone ring, lets you monitor high and low frequencies by simply varying the pressure applied to the chestpiece. 4. Binaural: Stainless steel binaural tubes with a reinforce dual inner-spring construction provides extra durability. The eartubes are permanently set at anatomically correct angle for better sound transmitting into your ear canals. 5. Eartips: The screw-on soft eartips that assures maximum comfort and excellent acoustic seal in the ear canal. 6. Two-Channel Tubing: Latex-free 22” two-tube design provides two separate channels for sounds. The tubes are insulated to eliminate both external interference and the sound of the tubes rubbing against each other. Sound from the chestpiece is transmitted independently to each ear via the tubes offering outstanding acoustical clarity.
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Type:dual-head
  • Application:cardiology
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