Dental stool / with backrest TD-170 ANCAR

Dental stool / with backrest TD-170 ANCAR

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Description Comfortable, functional and decorative stools for you to choose the one that best suits your style. The Td stools are designed in accordance with Ancar's desire to offer professionals a work tool that combines quality ergonomics for all their movements and an attractive design that adds something to the surgery. And keeping the creation of a matching interior design in mind, Ancar stools are available in the same upholstery colours as the treatment units. The Td collection follows the same quality criteria in the materials tat characterise all Ancar products, which are perfectly demostrated by the highly-resistant wheels, qhich are self-locking and manufactured in polyamide-6. We have applied ergonomic principles so that both you and your assistant can move around comfortably from both the left and right sides of the dental equipment. Functionality is another particularity that distingishes Td stools from the rest. they are equipped with an airtight, pressurised gas cylinder to adjust the height according your specific needs at any given time.
  • Application domain:dental
  • Other characteristics:with backrest