Dental bur D194KS70 bredent medical GmbH & Co. KG

Dental bur D194KS70 bredent medical GmbH & Co. KG

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ISO-No 509 104 194223 070 Ø 7.0 mm Working speed (rpm): ? Plaster 8 - 12.000 ? Tray and denture material 8 - 12.000 bredent tools with Diatit wear protection: Diatit is a special material which is added into the surface of the bur after it has been produced. It hardens the tool surface and reduces the surface friction. This comprehensive hardening process results in a tool which features very smooth rotation and precise cutting performance from the very beginning - and this is provided over a considerably extended period compared to uncoated bredent tungsten carbide tools. Additionally, accurate removal of material is ensured. 1 piece
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