AED-Alert 2.0

AED-Alert 2.0
Remote AED Management Solution

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can strike anyone at anytime, so it's essential to keep your fleet of AEDs ready for rescue. Traditional manual inspections of AED devices is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The AED-Alert™ 2.0 provides a quick and efficient way to remotely manage AEDs based on the loT technology.

Detailed information for individual devices

 Device status information

  • AED self-test results & log review
  • 4G connection status
  • Map and photo overview of the installation locations
  • Device and configuration information

 Rescue alert and records

  • Automatic alerts when an AED is being used
  • Review rescue operation data

 Geo-location alerts

  • Alert when AEDs are moved outside of predetermined geo-location

 Accessory lifecycle management

  • Prioritised notifications of pads expiration and battery capacity
  • Automatically register new replacement items


Enable efficient fleet management by remotely connecting every AED

 Remote self-monitor

  • No need for manual AED inspections to ensure device readiness
  • Automatic email alerts if any device's status changes, such as pads expire

 Extensive coverage

  • Cloud server removes the need for local storage
  • Manage an unlimited number of AEDs
  • Manage a mixed fleet of AEDs, even those that are not internet connected

 Flexible access

  • Secure access to the AED-Alert management tool via any internet browser
  • Get email alerts without login

 Built-in 4G module

  • Supplied by original manufacturer
  • Direct device data transfer
  • Wi-Fi option available

 GDPR compliance

  • Compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation to protect user and device data privacy
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