Aesthetic medicine radiofrequency generator Venus Swan™ VenusConcept

Aesthetic medicine radiofrequency generator Venus Swan™ VenusConcept
Venus Swan™

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Simple, safe and affordable the Venus Swan is a multi technology that will offer satisfaction to your clients and upgrade your practice. The Venus Swan is designed with (MP)² Technology which is a combination radio frequency and magnetic pulse to deliver exceptional relief of pain and pleasant for specific body parts such as arms , face, buttocks, abdomen, thighs and neck. The original innovate Swan Design received the 2010 Nouvelle Esthetique award. Its sleek and exclusive appearance along with its weight makes it simple to transport. The dense energy matrix of the Venus Swans is capable of penetrating into several layers of the skin, this ensures improved results. The energy that is delivered, provides rapid achievement of therapeutic temperature, along with easy maintenance of high temperatures, plus it eliminates the need for a cooling system over a short treatment time.
  • Application:for aesthetic medicine
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