Acupuncture laser / hand-held LASP-Basic PHYSIOMED ELEKTROMEDIZIN

Acupuncture laser / hand-held LASP-Basic PHYSIOMED ELEKTROMEDIZIN

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The therapeutic laser pen LASP-Basic allows for comfortable treatment of pain, trigger and acupuncture points. For therapy continuous output, multi-frequency and NOGIER frequencies are available. LASP-Basic features an infrared diode laser with a wavelength of 785 nm, which is scientifically proven to provide the best values of penetration depth and biostimulation efficiency. Its battery operation enables easy, mobile use of treatment. Optical waveguides are available optionally for the laser pen as autoclavable attachments for treatment in the fields of dentistry and ENT. Wavelength of 785 nm best value for penetration depth and biostimulation Multi-frequency, continuous output and NOGIER-frequencies Acupuncture search function with automatic start/stop function With battery and metal case for mobile use
Hutweide 10,
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