Active wheelchair / stand-up LAE LEVO AG

Active wheelchair / stand-up LAE LEVO AG

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If you're a wheelchair user with an active lifestyle then this chair is perfect for you. The chair works with you and your needs and adapts to suit the situation that you're in. The LEVO LAE gives you maximum mobility whilst being responsive to your needs with it's advanced action radius. The chair can be elevated from a sitting to a standing position and all angles in-between. No longer do you need to be below the height of everyone else, whether you're sitting down to dinner, or want to join your friends at the bar for a drink this chair can be adapted to angle it so that you're the same height as everyone else. The LEVO LAE lets you join in when you want to. The LEVO is easy to manouevre and easy to use, and can be easily adjusted for individual needs. Accessories can be added to customise your chair.
7105 Northland Ter,
Brooklyn Park
United States
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