Active wheelchair / pediatric Tilty II SORG Rollstuhltechnik

Active wheelchair / pediatric Tilty II SORG Rollstuhltechnik
Tilty II

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Tilty II: Seat Shell Underframe with Tilting Function Tilty II is the seat shell version of our Tilty. Thus Tilty II will be delivered without Seatfix and the complementary back- and side parts, which are standard components of Tilty. Instead, Tilty II is equipped with all components necessary for the adaption of a seat shell. However, Tilty II is more than just a seat shell underframe; it also features all qualities of an activity wheelchair and is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. The tilting function allows the smooth change of the user´s position and grants an effective relaxation of spine and pelvis. Moreover, the development of the sense of balance is ideally supported, and the user´s metabolism and cardiovascular system are positively stimulated. And thanks to its unsurpassed equipment and component options, each Tilty II can be perfectly adapted to almost any form of therapy.
  • Propulsion:active
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