Acoustic booth Tetra iac Acoustics

Acoustic booth Tetra iac Acoustics

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The IAC Tetra Booth has been a popular choice in Europe and America for decades and we are now pleased to introduce it to the UK Market. The Tetra Booth is designed to offer a suitable environment for hearing testing, examination and research while the unique shape makes this booth ideal for projects where space is at a premium. The main features and benefits of the Tetra Booth are: Angled shape designed to fit in corners and tight spaces High performance acoustic door Double glazed acoustic window Built in “silent” ventilation system Pre-wired jack panel complete with 9 No. 6.00mm 3 pole sockets Polyester power coated RAL 9001 Optional Features Optional features of the Tetra Booth are: Acoustic double glazed vision panel within door (150mm x 600mm high). RF and electrostatic shielding Fabric covering to internal walls Power filters Special jack panels, cut-outs and plugs Alternative paint finishes