Acoustic booth CI-40 CL EYMASA

Acoustic booth CI-40 CL EYMASA
CI-40 CL

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Audiometric Booth for free field Audiometric Booth is a portable hearing test laboratory. It has silent blocks and comes with non - assisted ventilation. Features: Available with double panel for connections including 6 jacks (6,35 mm Ø) Can be completely sealed Comes with double glass Light source available inside Tip-up table Dimensions allow free field tests inside the booth, through speakers (Speakers are not charged). Works according ISO 140, UNE-EN ISO 11957, ISO 717 220V-50/60Hz Standard earth is used Packing included Net weight: 450 Kg approx Thickness of the panels: +/- 90mm Exterior sizes: 130 x 120 x 221 cm CE-registered
c/ Vic 30-32 bajos,
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