ABPM patient monitor / ambulatory custo screen 300 Custo med

ABPM patient monitor / ambulatory custo screen 300 Custo med
custo screen 300

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The Custo Screen 300 measures accuracy and reliability, with day and night recognition, the short inflating and deflating times, and the low noise operation of the recorder ensure high patient comfort. The easy-to-clean cuffs are available in sizes S - XXL. Other Product features include Efficient pump valve unit for higher patient comfort Low-noise operating mode for undisturbed sleep Skin-friendly, synthetic cuff in sizes S - XXL, Wireless data transfer from the recorder to the PC, Technical specifications: Oscillometric measuring procedure, automatic baseline compensation Measuring range heart rate 35 - 220 beats/min Systolic blood pressure 70 - 270 mmHg Diastolic blood pressure 40 - 155 mmHg Maximum cuff pressure 300 mmHg Maximum number of measurements 512 Maximum recording time 72 hours Length of a measurement < 30 seconds, Standard measurement intervals.
  • Applications:ambulatory
  • Measured parameters:ABPM
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