Abdominal hernia prosthesis / inguinal TiO2Mesh™ BioCer Entwicklungs

Abdominal hernia prosthesis / inguinal TiO2Mesh™ BioCer Entwicklungs

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TiO2Mesh™ is a surgical mesh implant particularly suitable for repair of soft tissue defects of the abdominal wall, where a non-absorbable support material is required. Relevant applications include the repair of inguinal and incisional hernias in all common surgical procedures. TiO2Mesh™ is made from a monofilament polypropylene thread and has a large-pored structure with blue orientation stripes. The mesh implants are surrounded by a high-purity and adherent titanium dioxide surface coating to enhance the biocompatibility. Together with the lightweight character, the large-pored structure and the reduced material surface, foreign body reactions are substantially reduced. This was confirmed by studies with TiO2Mesh™ compared to uncoated materials that demonstrated a significant increase in cell viability and cell adhesion by the biocompatible coating. By this biocompatible coating furthermore a hydrophilic implant surface is generated, so that, together with the blue orientation stripes, the intraoperative handling and placement of TiO2Mesh™ is significantly supported. TiO2Mesh™ is provided to the users in different sizes and shapes. In addition to the standard sizes and shapes, tailor made mesh implants for specific indications of modern hernia surgery are available.
  • Hernia type:abdominal, inguinal
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