5 units cat condo Groomer's Best

5 units cat condo Groomer's Best
Groomer's Best

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Groomers Best Cage Banks are 20 gauge stainless steel to insure to be sanitary. It is easily cleaned with and awesome drainage system. It has a unique waste drainage design that makes clean up easy! Simply hose each cage unit and empty one waste container. Keeps the pets clean! Features: Overall dimension 58”W x 62”H x 25”D The 3 top are : 19”W x 22”H x 25”D Bottom cages (2): 29”W x 30”H x 25”D 5 units with polyethylene grates Each unit has a floor grate over a slanted floor which allows dog waste to flow down a channel in the back into a waste container at the bottom of the cage. Bottom unit comes with a slide door that can be removed to make one large unit. 4 locking casters. Fully assembled
  • Number of units:5 units
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