4-channel coagulation analyzer / compact CoL 4 Wiener Laboratorios

4-channel coagulation analyzer / compact CoL 4 Wiener Laboratorios
CoL 4

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?Compact analyzer for turbidimetric reading with built-in printer. Perfect for all kinds of laboratories, the Wiener lab. Col 4 is the ideal way to systematize all routine determinations from the Coagulation Department, complying at the same time with the Quality Control regulations. Procedure Wiener lab. Col 4 is a compact 4-channels analyzer whose principle of measurement is Turbodensitometry. When the starter reagent is added, and as the clot is formed, the passage of light begins to decrease. A small steel cylinder is magnetically stirred inside the cuvette in order to keep the particulate reagents in suspension. At a certain level, the reaction stops and the instrument informs and prints the obtained values. The different functions are selected on the liquid crystal screen. The instrument is also provided with a standard RS 232 output port. The reagents and samples block, heated through Peltier system, contains 1 measuring cell with a magnetic mixing motor, one reagent position and 16 positions for reaction cuvettes. Technical features Action principle: Turbodensitometric. Reading cuvettes: microcuvettes. Total volume: 150-300 µl Display: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) – 2 line of 20 characters Control Panel: membrane keyboard. Memory: maximum storage of 7 methods. Conversions: PT (sec) in %, Ratio, INR per calibration curve (max 9 points), Fibrinogen (sec) in g/l or mg/dl per calibration curve (max 9 points). Power source: 2 voltages. 115/230 V, 60/50 Hz Dimensions: 27.3 x 34.8 x 12.5 cm Weight: 5.0 kg
Riobamba 2944,
2000 Rosario
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