3-channels cardiac Holter monitor HT 103 eccosur

3-channels cardiac Holter monitor HT 103 eccosur
HT 103

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3-channel Holter Recorder System Device * On-line ECG signal monitoring to check the correct acquisition and avoid repetition of studies. * Exclusive tool to visualize arrhythmias with scan, recording and heart rate trends on the same screen. It allows quick AF detection. * Suitable for use in children. * Fully customizable reports including automatic summary. * Exclusive printing of up to 60-minute scan strips with highlighted events. * Export in different formats, with the possibility to process the study on another PC, thus making consultation with colleagues and/or telemedicine easier. * Powerful centralized database with several work stations and unifed for all eccosur products. Recorder Specifications * Lightweight and compact design. * Weight: 70 grs. * Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.5 x 2 cm * 3 channels recording. * Saves data on a SD memory card. * 24 hours of recording time. Optional 48 hours recording. * Easy to use. Has a single button for beginning a new study as well as for recording patient events. * Requires only one AA battery. Allows for using rechargeable batteries.
  • Number of channels:3-channels
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