3-channels cardiac Holter monitor HolCARD 24W Alfa System A702 ASPEL

3-channels cardiac Holter monitor HolCARD 24W Alfa System A702 ASPEL
HolCARD 24W Alfa System A702

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HolCARD 24W software with 3-channel digital recorder AsPEKT 702 allows for quick analysis of ECG examination (Arrhythmias and ST segment). Technical specifications Main features of the HolCARD 24W software: Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows environment Ensures 3 independent recording channels AsPEKT recorders support a solid state memory card (CompactFlash) without applying any compression to the signal. Recorders communicate with the host PC via an infrared link in order to display the signal going to be recorded and the battery/clock checking. Unbeatable tool for alternative placement of electrodes. Independent analysis of the ST segment in all recorded channels, the positioning of all measurement points is user-reconfigurable and may depend on heart rate. Simultaneous arrhythmia detection in all three channels. Automatic signal calibration independent in all channels assures the use of all dynamic range available. Coloured on-screen display Detection, Reviewing and Editing capability in the qualitative assessment of VE, VT, Single SVE, PSVT, Pauses, Irregular Rhythm, VT, IVR, Brady - and Tachycardia, Couplets, ST-segment elevation and depression, Maximum, Minimum and averaged Heart Rates, artifacts Validation tool for beat classification making the correction easy and effective. Tabular hourly summaries all quantitative results. Printing of all recorded ECG signal available. Main features of the AsPEKT 702 recorder: 3-channel digital registration of the ECG signal 7-lead patient cable
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