3-channels cardiac Holter monitor EASY ECG HOLTER Ates Medica Device

3-channels cardiac Holter monitor EASY ECG HOLTER Ates Medica Device

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EASY ECG Powerful Ambulatory Digital HOLTER System ECG digital Holter System with recorders available at 3 channels and 12 leads. Recorders with extremely compact dimensions and weight of just 42 grams. Built-in LCD display for the recorder setting and the real-time visualization of the acquired channels. Download of data available in two ways: - through direct USB connection to the recorder - by removable SD card. The reading software EASY ECG Holter System allows an easy and careful reading of the recorded traces at 3 channels and 12 leads. Computerized and user-programmable reporting of records. Software certified with MIT, AHA and NST database. EASY ECG Technical Characteristic EASY ECG Holter recorder - Simultaneous 3 or 12 leads ECG acquisition - LCD screen with waveform and data - Data transfer on USB or removable SD card - Recording from 24 to 96H - Power supply by 1 x AAA Battery, 1.5V - Weight only 42g - Recorder in accordance with IEC601-1 rules - Certified CE1015 EASY ECG Holter System software - 12 lead and 3 channels analysis - QRS template classification - Arrhythmia analysis - Heart Rate Turbulence analysis - Analysis of ST segment changes and evaluation of myocardial ischemia - Pacemaker analysis - Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome Analysis - Atrial Fibrillation analysis - Heart Rate Variability in time and frequency domain - Interface comunication GDT/XML Hardware requirement - Computer: PC with Pentium® 2.6 GHz, 1 GBy RAM - 2 x USB ports and Compact flash reader - CD/RW Drive
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