3-4 length orthopedic insole Slimflex Simple Foot Podotech

3-4 length orthopedic insole Slimflex Simple Foot Podotech
Slimflex Simple Foot

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Slimflex Simple Foot Orthotic is an affordable, and fully modifiable foot orthotic. It can either be used alone in order to exercise general control, or used by a clinician and integrated into a semi-bespoke device. Some of the Simpleflex Simple's features include a 1st met cutout, which grants the windlass structure. This lessens the overall pressure on the 1st MPJ and alleviates the tension in the plantar fascia area. The Simpleflex simple also sports a metatarsal raise system which allocates the overall weight of the body away from the ball of the foot, and aids the metatarsal area. It has a deep heel cup and a medial flange, to lessen overall heel pressure, and provide more control of the medial part of the back of the foot, respectively. Its last important feature is its medial arch guide and oblique control, which corrects overall foot misalignment and sagittal plane regulation.
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