2 tanks dental laboratory sandblaster Duostar BEGO

2 tanks dental laboratory sandblaster Duostar BEGO

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This combined blasting unit has 2 fine-jet pencils and can do a lot of things in your lab. The LED lighting is integrated in the hand piece for excellent view that is free from shadows during preparation. It is intended for removal of oxides to avoid biological reactions that is detrimental to the patient. The sandblasting chamber has LED lighting that offers a longer service life than conventional lamps. In fact, its service life is 10 times longer than conventional lamps for cost-effective sandblasting and lesser maintenance costs. The features of 2 units are combined, providing the advantages of a recycling sandblaster and microblaster. Thus, Duostart is the perfect investment for small to medium labs. It can also be obtained minus the filter module for connection to a central extraction unit.
  • Number of reservoirs:2 tanks
Technologiepark Universitat,
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