1 section bed / air fluidized HydroAire AFT Aurora

1 section bed / air fluidized HydroAire AFT Aurora
HydroAire AFT

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What type of patients benefit from an Air Fluidized Therapy (AFT) bed? Typically patients with large refractory pressure wounds, posterior skin flaps or burn patients benefit from this therapy. In particular, patients who are unable to routinely turn themselves (parapeligics) will find this therapy beneficial in reducing and healing their pressure wounds. The HydroAire AFT bed is capable of taking on patients weighing up to 300 lbs. and typically patients as tall as 6 5 in heigth. How does the bed work? The tub of the bed is filled with glass ceramic beads called microspheres and the beads actually compose the majority of the weight of the HydroAire AFT bed weighing approximately 900 lbs (bed weight without the beads is 221 lbs). The beads lie on top of a diffuser board. Blowers within the beds pedestals force air across the board and cause the beads to react like a liquid. This act is called fluidization. What are other advantages of AFT beds? Because AFT beds have such an effective way of reducing interface pressure, one of the side benefits of the bed is helping patients significantly reduce pain associated with pressure ulcers.
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