1 channel syringe pump AMPall

1 channel syringe pump AMPall

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Syringe Pump Faster, Easier and Precise 1. Numerical kerypad - Easy and fast way to setup 2. Simple, fast and convenient syringe installation 3. Color LCD - With color LCD, complete information is displayed dramatically. Features 1. Self-testing - Every time the unit is turns on, self testing is proceeded. 2. Auto-syringe detection - Detect syringe size automatically. 3. Shortcut key - Syringe brand set, Occlusion set, Buzzer level set 4. K.V.O.(Keep Vein Open) - When the delivery volume has been reached, flow rate turns into K.V.O. rate (adjustable from 1ml/h to 10ml/h) automatically. 5. Keypad lock function - Keypad is locked with password or without password as its using condition. 6. Infusion setup - Flow rate/ Delivery volume/ Infusing time 7. Retain memory - Last setting value will be retained. 8. Remaining time display 9. Alarm repeat function 10. Open system - Up to 10 IV set brands can be calibrated in single unit. 11. Buzzer level - 3steps 12. Occlusion level - 9steps (3.8~19.3psi) 13. Purge rate - Adjustable (0.1~1200ml/h) 14. Bolus rate - ON/OFF, Adjustable (0.1~1200ml/h, 0.1~1000ml) 15. Anti bolus - Reduce significantly bolus after occlusion release. (ON/OFF) 16. History call back - Call back last 10 infusion data. 17. Dosage mode(Body weight mode) - Automatically calculate and set the proper flow rate when the dose rate, body weight, drug mass and solution volume are entered. (Option) 18. Unit setup for Dosage mode - ml/h, mg/kg/h, mg/kg/min, /kg/h, /kg/min (Option) 19. Nurse call - Each unit can be connceted with nurse call system (DC 24V, 0.5A) (Option)
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