Philips, a prominent global player in health technology, is taking a bold step toward putting patients and sustainable healthcare at the forefront with its latest global brand sustainability campaign, 'Care means the world.’  


The campaign addresses a fundamental question: If our planet isn't healthy, can humans truly be? Philips recognizes the substantial environmental impact that healthcare has on Earth and acknowledges its responsibility for both people and the planet's well-being. The campaign emphasizes the essential connection between human health and environmental health, asserting that to provide optimal care for patients, we must equally prioritize the health of our planet.


Lian Vergeer-Langens, Head of Global Brand at Philips, explains, "Care means the world highlights the strong link between human health and environmental health. Philips is committed to delivering top-quality healthcare while concurrently minimizing environmental impact. This involves developing innovative solutions that empower healthcare providers to care for patients and the planet through a distinctive blend of innovation, design, and sustainability.”  



Philips achieved carbon neutrality in its operations in 2020 and has set ambitious targets for 2025 to further combat climate change. In a groundbreaking move, the company became the first in its industry to have CO₂ emission reduction targets approved for its entire value chain by the Science Based Targets initiative in 2023. Philips continues to expand its portfolio of energy-efficient, circular, digital, and cloud-based solutions, aiming to assist health systems in addressing challenges like the cost of care and staff shortages while simultaneously reducing environmental impact.


The campaign's introductory film features stories of individuals who were once patients and benefited from Philips solutions. To minimize its ecological footprint, Philips collaborated with local photographers in eleven countries to capture these individuals' journeys. By showcasing how Philips contributed to their recovery and enabled them to return to nature, the campaign emphasizes the connection between healthcare and meaningful environments.  


Developed in collaboration with TBWA\Neboko and the Omnicom PR Group, the global 'Care means the world' campaign is an integrated, 360-degree initiative activated both physically and digitally worldwide.  


For more details on Philips' commitment to driving sustainable healthcare, visit Philips sustainability page 


Image & Source Credit: Philips


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