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Emilie Neukom Director of Marketing for EMEA, Abbott Diagnostics The global healthcare sector has been undergoing constant upheaval for over a decade. Aging populations, budget restrictions and a lack of skilled staff are making it harder than ever before to deliver high quality healthcare, and laboratory diagnostic services have suffered disproportionately in this environment. Budget cuts, recruitmen

Utilizing big data for better care Jan-Philipp Beck CEO, European institute of Technology (EIT) Health Ramiro Roman DVP Professional Services, Abbott Diagnostics 'Big data' is currently THE buzzword in healthcare, and there is growing recognition that the vast amounts of digitized data available could be harnessed to improve the del

David Humphreys Global Head of Health Policy, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Abbott recently commissioned a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit – supported by research partners IPSOS and Acuity – to examine the laboratory’s current influence and perception, as well as to explore initiatives that could increase the impact of laboratory services in value-based healthcare. The resear

Khosrow Shotorbani CEO and founder of the lab 2.0 Strategic Services Healthcare systems globally are undergoing a paradigm shift from ‘sick care’ to ‘well care’. With budgets becoming ever more stretched, cost avoidance through disease prevention and early intervention are the only viable option – we can no longer afford to simply care for the sick. Disease prevention is the holy grail of l

Leadership challenges for NHS consolidation Saghar Missaghian-Cully Managing Director, Northwest London Pathology, London, UK Dimitris Chatzidimitriou Founder & Lab Director, Labnet, Greece Alexander Hoffman(Abbott Diagnostics) on behalf of Peter Thorausch Head of Laboratory, Limbach Group, Cottbus, Germany Like many markets, the demand for healthcare services in the UK is constant

Paul Jülicher Director International Health Economics & Outcomes Research, Abbott Diagnostics Matt Sawtell General Manager Nordics, Abbott Diagnostics Unleashing the value of IVD testing The value of in vitro diagnostic services is like beauty – it's very much in the eye of the beholder. From a community perspective, we want to pay for better health, not better healthcare, but accomplishi

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