Welch Allyn and Cerner Collaboration Delivers E-Solution For Patient Data Transfer

Welch Allyn and Cerner Collaboration Delivers E-Solution For Patient Data Transfer
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Demonstration of vital signs live data transfer planned by the two companies at Medica 2013.

Leading medical diagnostic device company Welch Allyn, and Cerner Corporation, a key contributor to the systemic change of health and care delivery, have teamed up to offer healthcare providers a connected solution which aims at improving inaccuracy, poor data management and inefficient workflow. 

Germany’s 2013 Medica International Trade Fair and Congress in Düsseldorf will be the stage where for the two companies are planning to showcase their solution by demonstrating the real-time transfer of patient data from the Welch Allyn Connex® Vital Signs Monitor (VSM) into an electronic health record (EHR), using Cerner’s CareAware VitalsLink®.  

Fair attendees visiting the Welch Allyn booth can have their vital signs data captured and documented by trained personnel, who will demonstrate this connected solution.

Hisham Hout, Senior VP Europe, Middle East, North Africa and the Indian Sub-continent at Welch Allyn, looks forward to next week’s Medica, where the company will reveal how their collaboration with Cerner aids the process of documenting patient vital signs and streamlining data management. 
Hout believes the two corporations’ connected solution caters for the industry’s needs, and goes on to state that the strategic effort established with Cerner resulted from the healthcare providers’ requests for assistance in mitigating risks, such as data transmission errors, and reducing time spent on documenting vital signs.

By connecting the two platforms to capture and document vital signs of fair delegates, Welch Allyn and Cerner will showcase how patient data can be transmitted during the measurement process from Connex VSM to the electronic health record (EHR) via the CareAware VitalsLink.

Providing users in general care settings with instant access to accurate vital signs at any point in time, the all-in-one solution improves patient safety and clinical decision-making.
A full-color, touch-screen model which incorporates three devices, the Connex® Vital Signs Monitor 6000 Series visualises all-inclusive patient documentation via one single display for both automatic measurements (e.g. heart rate, blood pressure, etc), as well as manual parameters (e.g. respiration, pain level, etc) and modifiers like body position and O2 therapy details. By allowing the user to control alarms, monitor individualised patient data and documenting this right onto the device, the Connex VSM eliminates the need for the clinician to subscribe the information into a PC program at a later stage. 

Furthermore, two-way wireless communication from the patient’s bedside is made possible through the system, which is able to associate names with ID numbers to enhance proper patient identification in a highly customisable display.
“Hand-written vitals and transcription errors complicate matters in an environment where healthcare providers are under constant pressure to save time” says Hout, outlining that the collaboration’s goal is to produce solutions that increase practitioners’ productivity in a significant way. 
He concluded that by working with Cerner to record electronic patient vital signs in a fast, efficient and reliable manner, the company was freeing up healthcare providers to spend more time on their most important task, namely the enhancement of patient care.

13 November 2013

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Published on : Wed, 13 Nov 2013

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Data, mobile solutions, Welch Allyn, Cerner Demonstration of vital signs live data transfer planned by the two companies at Medica 2013. Leading medical diagnostic device company Welch Allyn, and C...

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