WEF Proposes 4 Cybersecurity Measures For 1 Billion Users

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As the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting continues in Davos, Switzerland, the global private-public organisation has announced four measures to protect up to 1bln consumers in 180 countries against cyber threats.


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Following a year of development and testing with global telecoms companies and multilateral organisations, the WEF has devised four principles for preventing cyberattacks from reaching consumers.


Detailed in the report, Cybercrime Prevention: Principles for Internet Service Providers, the measures were:


·      Provide default protection for consumers from widespread cyberattacks and ensure collective peer action to identify and respond to known threats.


·      Raise consumer awareness and understanding on threats and provide support for protection of customers and their networks.


·      Cooperate closely with manufacturers and vendors of hardware, software and infrastructure for increase of minimum security levels.


·      Act to shore up routing and signalling security to reinforce effective defence against attacks.


“Cybersecurity is becoming a public safety issue,” said Amy Jordan, Delivery Lead, Platform for Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity and Digital Trust at the WEF. “As more and more devices are connected and physical infrastructure becomes increasingly connected, no one company can do it alone. The community needs to come together, and these principles can accelerate and scale impact.”


Internet Service Providers (ISPs) bear a great deal of responsibility for protecting consumers against cybersecurity threats and for scaling impact


Some cyberattacks are organisation-specific while a large number target the largest number of internet users possible. These latter attacks can cause serious harm and have an estimated global price tag of $6 trillion in 2021.


Healthcare is especially vulnerable to cyber attacks owing to its reliance on a network of medical devices, mobile devices and interoperability. Many healthcare security breaches come through unintentional opening of malign emails.


BT, Deutsche Telekom, Du Telecom, Europol, Global Cyber Alliance, Internet Society, Korea Telecom, Proximus, Saudi Telcom, Singtel, Telstra, ITU are the bodies endorsing the new WEF cybersecurity principles.

The Centre for Cybersecurity was established by the World Economic Forum to shape the future of cybersecurity and digital trust. It spearheads a group of leading policy-makers and operational leaders from around the world and is currently undertaking seven cybersecurity projects.


To find out more about the World Economic Forum’s work on containing high-volume cybercrime, click here.


This year’s WEF meeting brings together nearly 3,000 global leaders from politics, government, civil society, academia, the arts and culture as well as the media. Convening under the theme, Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World, participants ware focusing on defining new models for building sustainable and inclusive societies in a plurilateral world.


Source: WEF

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Published on : Thu, 23 Jan 2020

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World Economic Forum WEF cybersecurity global stakeholders measures consumers The WEF is working with global stakeholders on measures to fight consumer-targeted cyberattacks.

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