HealthManagement, Volume 4 / Issue 5 / 2009


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Health-e-Space Website

A new website that provides a platform to enable people to take more responsibility for their health has been launched in Moray, Scotland. “Making e-health real health” and “For the people by the people”


The new Health-e-Space website provides local health information, links to recommended websites and suggestions on how to live with health conditions.


Community Health-e-Space, the website’s sister site supplies a social networking platform for people to share their health concerns and experiences with others in the Moray area.


The site, which allows anybody to register also has several elements where patients can interact with NHS professionals, such as ‘visit the clinic’ which provides detailed information on conditions and a section where clinicians can blog about specialist subjects. The service has been likend to other online services like facebook and bebo but with the different objective of getting people to take responsibility for their health.


The initial costs of the site set-up were around 4,000 GBP and development of the site is being completed as a partnership involving the NHS Grampian, Moray Health and Social Care Partnership, Moray College, Moray Council and others.


For more information, please visit:

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