Imaging Management, Volume 4 / Issue 5 / 2009


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eVIA Spanish Technological Platform - General Assembly

eVIA is the Spanish Technological Platform for eHealth, eWellness and Social Cohesion. eVIA gathers stakeholders, end-users, associations, public administrations, industry and researchers, intending to promote effective and market oriented R&D.


During the General Assembly (9-10 December 2009) new working groups were launched in the areas of eHealth, such as interoperability, privacy, telemedicine, citizens involvement; eAccessibility: interoperability, digital TV, ICT for physical accessibility, accessibility in tourism.


The existing groups shared their progress and last activities : Social Spaces for Innovation and Research, AAL, technology watch, accessible entertainment and rehabilitation, inclusion of minorities, Assistive technologies, eLearning and other areas.


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eVIA SpanishTechnological Platform - General AssemblyeVIA is the Spanish Technological Platform for eHealth, eWellness andSocial Cohesion. eVIA gathers sta

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