Imaging Management, IT Volume 3 / Issue 1

Shared Electronic Medical Record in Catalonia (HC3) Organisations(S)

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Manuel Sanroma/ Hospital De Santa Tecla, Spain

The Shared Electronic Medical Record (HC3) is the backbone of our efforts in ICT in the ehealth field. Its main objective is the improvement of citizens’ healthcare service by using a tool to facilitate physicians’ tasks, by allowing them the shared use of patients’ available information from the Catalonian care centres. The HC3 facilitates and potentiates the continuity of care avoiding the repetition of diagnostic explorations or procedures.


This initiative piloted by Manuel Sanromà, CIO from the Santa Tecla Hospital, has increased the cost-benefit ratio by proving that with only a small financial investment, great benefits in quality of care for the patient, in the health professionals’ way of working and overall efficiencies such as greater diagnosis speed.


The HC3 contents are structured in two big blocks. Firstly, the care centre’s information, with the primary and specialised healthcare as well as the diagnosis procedures and, secondly the information provided by the Health Department, which contains the Hospital Minimum Data Set from the Discharge report, the dispensed medical treatment and the medical evaluations. All of this information is accessible through the high security Catalan Health network. The HC3 is unique and outstanding because it is designed to respect that each provider chooses and implements their own system interoperable through the HC3. This uniqueness is reflected with our model of proven interoperability and standards rather than a centralised system, and it is the feature due to which only a reduced financial investment was needed.


The HC3 has only been possible through the leadership of the Health Department in setting and promoting the use of standards, the enrollment and the implementation.


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AuthorManuel Sanroma/ Hospital De Santa Tecla, SpainTheShared Electronic Medical Record (HC3) is the backbone of our efforts in ICT inthe ehealth field. It

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