HealthManagement, IT Volume 3 / Issue 1

Senolog,an Innovative Medical Database on Mammographic Programme

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Aissa Khelifa, 

Stephane Thiroux, 

Jean-Philippe Masson

Organisation(s): Health Management Solutions, France; 

Observatoire de la Senologie, France;

Federation Nationale Des Medecins Radiologues (fnmr)

French regulations for breast cancer screening have allowed for the coexistence of both an organised and an individual screening. The Health Insurance has comprehensive financial data on both practices, but with very poor medical information. On the contrary, the breast screening programme owns highly medicalised information, but limited to the organised screening activity. To cope with the lack of information on a highly strategic activity, Senolog has thus been designed by FNMR (French Private-Practice Radiologist Union) as a comprehensive database on both senologic practices.


Designed in 2003, with the cooperation of RIS editors, who have implemented several versions of the module and agreed to quality assurance testing and certification, Senolog extracts from the RIS a large set of data, including limited patient information. The overall project has been performed with a grant by National Health Insurance. In 2008, 2400 radiologists have sent 3.8 million procedures to Senolog, accounting for 70 % of total senologic activity.


Author<br> Aissa Khelifa,&nbsp; Stephane Thiroux,&nbsp; Jean-Philippe Masson Organisation(s): Health Management Solutions, France;&nbsp; Observatoire de

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