HealthManagement, Volume 2 / Issue 3 2007

Republic of Moldova

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National Survey for Health Information Systems Available

Following publication in 2007 of”The Evaluation of the Health Information Systems in the Republic of Moldova”, the Ministry of Health of the Republic has decided to push further the modernisation of the health information systems.


The above-mentioned study, from Health Metrics Network, includes an assessment for HIS institutions, human resources and financing, and points to their inadequate availability. The resources allocated for HIS maintenance, for example, are insufficient, capacity building activities are limited and informational technologies that are in place do not satisfy personal needs.


Better results have been obtained in an evaluation of HIS infrastructure. However, it has also been mentioned that there are a limited number of computers and these are not used for quick compiling of information; communication technologies infrastructure is unavailable, especially at the sub-national level; IT and database support to health and HIS staff at both national and sub-national levels are not always available.


Based on these facts as well as trying to align the Republic of Moldova towards EU standards, the Ministry of Health is conducting a national survey to evaluate the following:

î ICT budget spent per institution

î communication infrastructure

î software

î IT security infrastructure

î decision-making process

Identifying the real/specific problems of each institution, the Ministry of Health will be able to better answer these needs and bring the Republic of Moldova closer to EU integration. Preliminary results of the national survey will be published in early 2008.


For further information, please visit:

National Survey for Health Information Systems Available<br> Following publication in 2007 of”The Evaluation of the Health Information Systems in the R

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