HealthManagement, Volume 4 / Issue 3 / 2009

PIPS: Personalised Informtion Platform for Life and Health Services

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PIPS is the virtual assistant who is attentive, discreet, loyal and always available. It exploits the most advanced information technologies for you in order to encourage healthier individual choices.

Informed Individuals

The main goal of this virtual assistant is to encourage healthier decisions by providing information among the patients in their daily lives. PIPS can improve one’s well-being and quality of life and this way prevent and keep under control the diseases and guarantee continuous support to treatments after being discharged from hospital or to chronically ill patients.


Furthermore, PIPS is helping the patient through translating medical advices and prescriptions into practical suggestions and this way prevent possible risks to one’s health. The services are personalised on an individual’s profile and are based on preventive medicine, developing innovative technological solutions such as continuity of care and education and impact on lifestyle.


The PIPS technological platform consists of a wide range of innovative services, such as Decision Support tools,

Knowledge Management tools, Trust models/tools (sensitive data privacy and protection, trust case), Risk Management strategies, Protocols for integration of smart health monitoring, product traceability devices and location-based-services. Moreover, it provides the patients with ad-hoc simple solutions for their needs with the aim to improve compliance. It generates an automatic ubiquitous support those with and anywhere and it is useful for healthy people and for chronic diseases as well.


PIPS provides a holistic view on the personal health and wellbeing empowering the involvement of health professionals, family and individuals in a comprehensive care delivery process making the integration with the context a reality. Through education and entertainment, PIPS aims to reach the citizen and motivate them towards an improvement of their lifestyle. It raises their awareness in order to help to take decisions in the day-by-day life.


Further Exploitation of Results

So far three PIPS pilot projects have been released in Italy and Spain with the involvement of external experts and end users in the validation and evaluation proves. At the moment the strolling and motivation trial for diabetes patients at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan is being exploited.


PIPS strategy of innovative personalised services is feeding a rich pipeline of new e-services which aim at prevention and improvement of an individual’s lifestyle. It is part of the challenging San Raffaele Scientific Institute (HSR) initiative “Quo Vadis”. This initiative is an innovative healthcare site dedicated to deliver predictive and preventive medical services for well-being offered to the citizens. All you need is a computer, a mobile phone and an internet connection.


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PIPS is the virtual assistant who is attentive, discreet, loyal and always available. It exploits the most advanced information technologies for you in or

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