Imaging Management, Volume 3 / Issue 3 / 2008


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Alliance between Philips,Maastricht UMC+ and University Clinic Aachen The Maastricht University Medical Centre (UMC+), Unir Aachen (UKA) and Royal Philips Electronics N.V. announced that they are to set up a strategic partnership, the aim of which is to pool their knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of healthcare. The planned cooperation will make it possible for new scientific findings to be made available more quickly for routine application in hospitals, thus benefiting patients. The universities of Aachen and Maastricht are also supporting the initiative.


Philips and the two university medical centers intend to work closely together and to combine their advanced clinical knowledge and research, specifically in the fields of cardiovascular disease and cancer treatment. Their partnership will cover the research, development and application of new diagnostic and treatment methods. Among other things, the partners' aim is to set up a joint research program in the field of medical imaging technology.


Dr. Henk van Houten, Senior Vice President of Philips Research, who is in charge of its healthcare research program, adds, “This alliance will give rise to advanced clinical care, as well as ground-breaking clinical research to find an integrated approach to diagnosis and therapy for cancer and cardiovascular disease. The opportunity to work together with highly reputable academic partners in order to link clinical research and healthcare to the application of new medical technologies represents a very exciting prospect for Philips.”


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Alliance between Philips,Maastricht UMC+ and University ClinicAachen The Maastricht UniversityMedical Centre (UMC+), Unir Aachen (UKA) and Royal Philips El

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