Imaging Management, Volume 3 / Issue 1 2008


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New e-Health Programme to be Implemented

A new Latvian e-Health programme, devised by the Ministry of Health, plans to devote over 40 million Euros to the development of e-Health applications over the next three years.


The objective of the programme is to ensure that all citizens and healthcare providers are able to obtain clear, highquality and reliable information, in a quick and efficient way. The programme includes the development of complete electronic health records and information on the treatment methods and healthcare services available both in Latvia and abroad. According to the plan, each citizen and healthcare professional (including other service providers) will be able to access a range of e-Health services, including an e-Prescription service, an electronic register of pharmacies, the possibility to make appointments electronically as well as electronic data exchange with health insurance companies.


It is expected that that this will significantly reduce the time required for administrative procedures (eg. the time needed to fill in medical documentation would be reduced by 10 %, while the time a doctor takes to obtain information on previous treatments would be reduced by 30 %).


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Newe-Health Programme to be ImplementedA newLatvian e-Health programme, devised by the Ministry of Health, plans to devoteover 40 million Euros to the deve

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