Imaging Management, Volume 4 / Issue 2 / 2009


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ISOFT Wins Spanish Contracts With Two Regional Healthcare Services.

iSOFT will develop clinical and patient management systems for one of Spain’s most important autonomous communities (regional governments). The company is part of a consortium providing an integrated healthcare system for 28 hospitals in a project totalling 12 million euros over two years. The consortium is upgrading current systems and infrastructure to provide a common platform for all administrative, clinical and patient management functions and so improve the quality of healthcare services for 8 million patients. The system is designed for up to 82,000 healthcare professionals.


iSOFT’s contract, which includes patient administration, theatres, electronic prescriptions and data warehousing systems and integration services, covers the initial two years of the project. There is potential for ongoing development, maintenance and support.


The second contract is to develop an e-prescription solution for the Navarra Healthcare Service in northern Spain. iSOFT will provide an e-prescription solution to eliminate paper prescriptions and so save time and costs and avoid dispensing mistakes. It will also give doctors prescribing rules and lists of recommended drugs and automate invoicing and payments for pharmacists.


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ISOFT Wins Spanish Contracts With Two Regional HealthcareServices.iSOFT will develop clinical and patient managementsystems for one of Spain’s most importa

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